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Some time ago listen to a friend in complain, because digital copier card paper, in the process of taking card paper was scalded by the high temperature parts of the paper, fortunately not very serious, apply some scald medicine is good. In fact, this burn event is a warning to users, in the use of digital photocopiers, there are still a lot of attention, such as fixed film high temperature parts, this is the most dangerous place for photocopiers and laser printers, it is easy to cause danger to users, if we can correctly understand and use, then similar events will not happen. Next small edits for the digital copier fixed film components for everyone to do a detailed analysis, hope to the majority of copier users are helpful.

Machine fixing components

This issue will be detailed for you to reveal the three components of the copier fixed components, fixed components are simply the font and image fixed on the paper, this is also a must have the process, if there is no fixed shadow, the formation of the font or toner, with a touch can be dropped, and easily dirty hands. The following small editor for everyone to analyze the function of the fixed-film components and the role of accessories.

Digital Composite Machine

As a rule, fixing is the last step of a copier's work. After fixing the font, you can get the print you want. How does Ding Ying work? Fixed shadow is mainly composed of fixed shadow heat roller, fixed shadow pressure roller, cleaning roller and fixed shadow lamp. These accessories are indispensable, the fixed shadow needs to rotate to play the role of transmission paper, in the fixed shadow roll behind a fixed shadow separation claw, play a role in separating paper.

 cartridge powder block

The fixed shadow roll and its pressure roll need to rotate to make the paper get the fixed shadow normally. So drive the fixed shadow part of the motor to drive, in the back of the machine has a main motor. And there is a series of gears, through the power transmission, driving the fixed position. The machine before copying or printer, the first need to have a preheating time, this preheating time is mainly the fixed position in the fixed position of the roll need to reach the machine's expected set temperature, only after this temperature, the machine can start normal copying.

Analysis of Selenium Drum Component

Generally, when the paper goes between the fixed heat roller and the pressure roller, the two rollers form a mutual pressure, plus the high temperature of the hot roll, can dissolve the carbon powder on the paper and fix it. In use, especially when taking card paper, fixed heat roller is the main component of high temperature, if in taking card paper, accidentally hit on it is easy to burn events, so we need to pay special attention to this point.


Fixed shadow lamp tube is mainly a heat source, to provide heat for fixed shadow roller, in general, the lamp tube is a relatively easy aging accessories, in use to a certain life, it is easy to appear fixed shadow temperature is not enough, so when the thermistor (the typical characteristic of thermistor is temperature sensitive, different temperature shows different resistance value) detection temperature, can not meet the expected requirements, so the compound machine will appear error code, when the code appears, the machine can not be used normally. Fixed shadow tube is the source of heat, fixed shadow tube in the hot roller inside, can be very fast to give the shadow roller heating.

Fixed Shadow Lamp

In general, if the separation claw is completely invalid, it will cause the paper to be completely rolled on the fixed shadow hot roll, and there will be a serious paper jam failure. When this kind of failure occurs, the user can not handle the paper jam on his own. He can only disassemble the fixed shadow assembly and then take out the paper jam smoothly.

Fixed Shadow Gear

Fixed shadow gear failure is also one of the common faults of the composite machine, fixed shadow gear is mainly used to drive the fixed shadow assembly, if there is a fault, the first point to be sure is paper jam fault, fixed shadow does not rotate, sometimes there will be abnormal noise. The only solution is to replace the gear



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