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Affected by the global epidemic, crude oil prices fell, received a lot of inquiries, industrial lubricating oil has followed the price reduction? In fact, large, medium and small brands of industrial lubricating oil between the base oil is not very different, but in packaging consumables, logistics costs are different. During the epidemic period, logistics costs have risen a little. As a result, the price of industrial lubricants has not changed much.

Industrial lubricating oil, a channel-driven product ," if the middlemen have no profit space, they also have no incentive to sell ," so, the price war is very unlikely to break out, even if the price of crude oil fell, affecting the base oil, and then lubricating oil, all need a process.


Prices in the industrial lubricating oil industry will fluctuate in 2020, but "there will be no price war ". Before, many enterprise's product price is already close to the bottom line, the empty window period caused by the epidemic situation, still have to digest; similarly, without the profit, the enterprise very difficult to last.

The future market competition of industrial lubricating oil, fierce will be very big, but more is manifested in the market operation and the product connotation, therefore ," the price reduction short-term is useful, the long-term is invalid ".



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