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In industrial production, the industry is different, and the machinery and equipment used are different. Therefore, industrial lubricating oil has a wide range of practical applications and a variety of uses. For specific varieties, it can be divided into different viscosity grades.

1. industrial lubricating oil is an important part of petrochemical industry, and its development is closely related to the national macroeconomic situation and the development of transportation, machinery and equipment industries. Industrial lubricating oil is mainly divided into hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, steam turbine oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, frozen oil, oil film bearing oil, chain oil, guide oil, textile machinery special oil, paper machine special oil, pneumatic tool special oil, electrical insulation oil and heat conduction oil. According to different uses, the users of industrial lubricating oil are enterprises in various industries, and they use a lot of varieties and quantities, which depends not only on the price of the product, but also on the quality and technical characteristics of the product, but also on the quality of the technical service.

2. viscosity classification is based on the kinematic viscosity of 40℃, the minimum value is 2.2, the maximum value is 1500, the maximum deviation of each viscosity range is ±10%, and the viscosity value of the center is increased by about 50% over the former.

Compared with ordinary engine, industrial lubricating oil has high oil consumption, long oil exchange period, frequent contact with air and water, and is vulnerable to industrial pollution. Therefore, it is hoped that the oil products can be used for a long time to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment industrial lubricating oil not only has good lubricity, but also has excellent performance of anti-oxygen, anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-emulsification and so on.



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