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recent period of time, about the office product guide articles published frequency is relatively high, very comprehensive, there are inkjet, laser, needle, hot sublimation, perhaps you will feel that their products have been very well understood. Is that really the case? In fact, there is a kind of product you rarely pay attention to, that is printer accessories. Most of the time, printer manufacturers in the product design, will take into account that the needs of users are diverse, to meet the different needs of different users, not to include all the features in a product, but to launch a lot of accessories for users to choose to buy and install.

For ordinary users, these accessories may never be used, but for some companies that are expanding at a high speed, the emergence of such accessories can save a lot of equipment update costs, such as business expansion, the need to use printers more and more employees, the surge in printing volume resulting in a huge consumption of paper, staff to add paper and frequent travel, seriously affecting the efficiency of work. By simply "upgrading" the printer, these problems can all be solved, at the cost of just a fraction of the purchase of new equipment. Does that sound interesting? Then keep looking down!

double-sided printing unit

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  A laser printer model Mantissa usually has a D letter, which means that it has a double-sided printing function, without which a part can be fitted with a double-sided printing unit.

Double-sided printing unit

The so-called double-sided printing means that when the printer completes the printing on one side of the paper, the paper is sent to the double-sided printing unit, and a flip is completed inside it to return to the paper entry channel to complete the printing work on the other side. It avoids the tedious operation of manual page turning in traditional single-sided printing, which can not only save 50% paper cost, reduce the thickness and weight of documents by 50% accordingly, save 50% storage space, but also greatly improve the working efficiency. For the large amount of printing enterprises, a year down, less savings in office costs are thousands, more than tens of thousands, absolutely not a small number.

In addition, it can enhance the sense of responsibility of enterprises, because saving paper is to protect the environment, a double-sided laser printer can save 1 ton of office paper a year, the production of these paper needs 6 finished trees, there are about 10 tons of water consumption and sewage discharge.

Of course, the price of double-sided printing units for each brand is not cheap, and there is no auxiliary factory option, such as the double-sided printing unit LBP3500 with Canon DU-67 the price is 2220 yuan, and the double-sided printing unit for HP 5200 series Q7549A, the price is 2300 yuan. gt;>&

Bulk carton

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  Normally, laser printers are standard with only one type of carton, with a capacity of 150-200 pages. Deal with daily use, more than enough, but if the need to mix A3、A4, daily printing more than hundreds of pages, frequent change of paper, will inevitably reduce work efficiency, paper boxes become the bottleneck of high-speed printing, laser printer advantage is difficult to play normal under high load.

Bulk carton

The solution is simple, simply adding a large input carton to the printer. Carton capacity refers to how many input and output cartons the printer supports, and how many pages each carton can hold to print paper. This index is an evaluation standard of printer's paper processing ability, and it can also indirectly explain the degree of printer automation.

Some printers allow the operation of double cartons, which allow users to place different sizes of paper in different cartons, allowing the printer to automatically select the appropriate format according to the different tasks without having to change back and forth in a carton. At the same time large capacity input, can be added to reduce the frequency of paper by half. For the heavy task of printing, the requirements can not be interrupted, such as finance, telecommunications and other industries, equipped with large capacity carton is very necessary.

Lithium batteries
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reflected in the volume, but can be achieved at any time printing. Usually, in the original accessories, there is no lithium battery, can only be supplied through the power adapter, although the function is the same, but the advantages can not be 100% reflected.

Lithium batteries

 At this point, the need to purchase lithium batteries to help thermal sublimation printer mobility. Take Canon CP790 as an example, after adding NB-CP2L rechargeable lithium battery, one full, can print about 30-50 sheets. Although the original factory battery price is expensive, the price is about 900 yuan, but the user can purchase the auxiliary factory battery, such as the price of 190 yuan product win, achieve the same purpose. gt;>&

Bluetooth Adapter
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  Mobile phone photography function is becoming more and more powerful, clarity not only meets the online communication, but also can be printed into photos. In order to print out the photos taken by the mobile phone before, it is necessary to transmit them to the computer through the data line first, and then use the software output. The steps do not sound much, but the actual operation is complex, and the ordinary users can not play at all. But now it's different. Printers show a variety of ways to transmit data. Besides supporting Wifi and infrared, they also introduce Bluetooth. To know that Bluetooth has become one of the phone's standard features, it can be directly connected to the printer.

Bluetooth Adapter

  Take the popular photo printer canon fly CP790 as an example, you can use bluetooth adapter BU-30 to expand the function, do not install any software, do not change any settings, as long as the indicator lights on the module flashing, you can work properly. At present, the price of the original BU-30 adapter is 600 yuan, while the price of the auxiliary factory is less than 100 yuan

Network Printer ShareerPractical Index:★★★★☆

  Most of the printers on the market don't have the network printing function, to achieve shared use, it must be installed on a designated computer server. Although a lot of functions, but must keep the server in a normal state, not only waste electricity, but also for the computer operation safety, waste human resources.

Network Printer Shareer

  Actually there is a kind of USB printing server on the market, also called network printer sharing device can replace computer completely. This allows any networked computer to share a USB printer that meets USB 2.0 transport standards and provides an adaptive Ethernet interface that supports multiple protocols and operating systems. Allows users to configure and print files through a web browser, and the price is quite cheap, only 200 yuan. If there is a specific need, it is also installed on the basis of wireless routers, so that users through the Wifi can be directly connected to the printer, more convenient. gt;>&

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  A few printers are now equipped with memory, CPU, and even hard drives, and if a network card is added, it can connect directly to the network and exist as separate nodes like computers.


  Some high-end printers are currently reserved for such interfaces, such as Canon LBP3500, support NB-C2 network card expansion. Through this connection mode, the printer's use range is larger, and the reliability, printing speed, late maintenance and so on have been greatly improved. The same is to ensure the smooth running of the print job, users no longer need to worry about the security of access to the computer, but also about the stability of the printer itself. More importantly, the printer is easier to manage, users can set up the printer through the Internet, to understand the use of drum, paper boxes and so on.


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  Perhaps everyone knows that computers are slow and memory-related. As a matter of fact, memory is also an extremely important hardware configuration for printers, which provides computing space for the printer's CPU processor and space for storing temporary data, that is, cache space. If this space is insufficient, it will seriously affect the efficiency of the printer operation, serious will even let the printer "crash ."

Unknown printer memory

At present, the standard memory capacity of printers is generally only 2 MB, out of cost control, to deal with the printing of ordinary documents is no problem. If you encounter a large number of works printed, then the small memory capacity will be exposed, sometimes the printing speed will become extremely slow, sometimes can only print the first few pages, sometimes printed text will become black square, sometimes the printer panel will flicker to indicate memory overflow.

If you want to further improve print quality and efficiency, adding memory is particularly necessary. Printer memory vendors are not using the same standards, this is particularly important to remind users. Some can directly use the memory on the computer, this general specification of memory is cheaper, but compatibility is general, some printers can only use special specifications of memory, the price is usually very expensive.



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